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Friday, May 11, 2018

UFBU Plan Agitation And Two Day Strike

CIRCULAR No. UFBU/2018/09              Date : 10-05-2018


Dear Comrades,

We have already informed our units and members about the outcome of the bipartite talks with IBA held on 5th May, 2018.  In order to draw the attention of the Government, we had addressed our communication immediately and seeking their intervention.  As expected, the Government has not responded so far and hence, as decided in our UFBU meeting, we give hereunder the agitational programmes.

16-05-2018 UFBU Memorandum to IBA
17-05-2018 Demonstrations before branches in all centres
18-05-2018 UFBU Memorandum to Finance Minister
19-05-2018 UFBU Memorandum to Labour Minister
21-05-2018   Onwards Posters display at all Branches
22-05-2018 UFBU Memorandum to Secretary, DFS, MoF, GOI
24-05-2018 Press Meet in all State Capitals
24-05-2018 Demonstrations before branches in all centres
28-05-2018 Black Badge Wearing
29-05-2018 Centralised Demonstrations in all centres
30-05-2018 All India Strike
31-05-2018 All India Strike

The strike action will begin at 6:00 AM  on  30th May, 2018  and  end at 6:00 AM on 1st June, 2018. 
Our strike Notice on IBA has been served today.

• IBA’s delay in resolving Charter of Demands
• Government’s casual approach to wage revision for bank employees/officers
• IBA’s meager offer of 2% hike in wage bill towards wage increase
• Partial mandate given by some of the Banks only upto Scale III Officers

• Expeditious and early wage revision settlement.
• Adequate increase in salary and improvement in other service conditions
• Wage revision settlement to include all officers upto Scale VII

We call upon all our unions and members to close up their ranks and implement the programmes successfully.  Maintain unity, exhibit militancy and make the strike a total success...

Forwarded as received.....

Bank unions' strike on May 30 & 31..

News in Business Line

The United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), a representative body of nine bank unions, have called for a bank strike on May 30 and 31.
This comes in the wake of Government’s casual approach to wage revision for bank employees/officers; IBA’s meagre offer of 2 per cent hike in wage bill towards wage increase and IBA’s delay in resolving charter of demands, C H Venkatachalam, General Secretary, All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA), told BusinessLine.
The UFBU has demanded expeditious and early wage revision settlement. Also, the wage revision settlement should include all officers up to Scale VII, Venkatachalam said.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Supreme Court Order on Pension

4) Pension a right not subsidy. SC tells UOI

*Pension is a right, not subsidy. How can you link Aadhaar to it, asks SC*

The Supreme Court questioned the Centre about its decision to link Aadhaar with pensions, reasoning that it is not a subsidy but an entitlement of a person for years of service he or she has rendered to the government in the discharge of official duties.

Referring to the argument of petitioners that many pensioners have been denied their only subsistence in old age due to technical and physical reasons, the bench asked whether the Centre was going to deny pension, a rightful entitlement, just for want of Aadhaar. Venugopal said Aadhaar has been instrumental in eliminating many bogus pensioners drawing post-retirement benefits for years.

Justice A K Sikri said: “Pension is an entitlement and not a benefit under the social welfare schemes. How is it included under Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016? Pension is a return for services rendered. There are many pensioners who live with their children who are settled abroad. Can such category of pensioners be told that they would not be granted pension unless they have an Aadhaar card?”

Justice Chandrachud said, “There is another category of persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and may have serious dementia. There are those old persons whose biometrics do not match with the Aadhaar data. Where do they go? Pension is a rightful entitlement and not a bounty given by the state”.

5)Ref:2018/027 The Office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/State Body Chiefs A.I.B.R.F

Dear Comrades,

Re: IBA circular on implementation of SupremeCourt Judgement on 1616-1684 issue

With further reference of our circular No.25 dated 16.03.2018 in particular Para 8 thereof, We are glad to inform that IBA has since issued circular no. 4786 dated 03.04.2018 advising member banks including private sector banks to implement Supreme Court judgement inm the matter of fixing basic pension on 1684 index instead of as fixed on 1616 under the 7th wage settlement and

pay the arrear to those retired after 01.04.1998 till the anomaly was removed under 8th settlement signed on 02.06.2005 from the date of retirement instead of from 01.05.2005 as provided in the settlement dated 02.06.2005. with interest @ 9 per cent p.a. for the delayed period. These arrears have to be paid within from the date of order i.e. by 13.06.2018. Copy of the IBA circular is enclosed.

2. Effect of the above IBA circular will be as under:

(a) All those retired after 01.04.1998 till 02.06.2005 will be eligible to receive arrears on re-fixation of basic pension on index of 1684 from the date of retirement.

(b) Approximate number of retirees who will get monetary benefit is about 1.20 lakhs due to high number of VRS optees during this period.

(c) Amount of arrear per retiree on an average will be Rs. 40000 to Rs. 1,50,000 depending upon the period involved and grate from which one retired.

(d) Family pensioners/ Legal heirs of the pensioners will also be eligible to receive the arrears.

(e) Advise by IBA to private banks in this regard is positive development

(f) It may be mentioned that this is one time payment. Improved pension on index of 1684 is being already paid w.e.f. 01.05.2005.

3. It is historical victory for the bank retirees and the justice could be secured after long legal battle. We congratulate the bank retiree community and especially to the petitioners who fought long legal battle. AIBRF has been taking up this issue with IBA/ Government for last several years. AIBRF significant contribution in this regard is that we could persuade IBA to extend the benefit to all similarly affected retirees instead of restricting the benefit coming out due to the court order to the petitioners only. This positive reversal in the approach of IBA has come due to the long struggle for last 2 years launched by the retirees under the banner of AIBRF.

4. We convey our thanks to the Finance Minister, DFS officials, bank managements IBA and its managing committee for showing very positive gesture towards bank retirees in extending benefits to all eligible retirees.

5. You will find that in last 60 days three big violations in implementation of the wage settlement have been resolved with benefit to all eligible retirees. We expect the retirees to get monetary benefit of more than 1000 crores because of these three corrections . It is much needed relief to the bank retirees who could not get any monetary benefit in the last wage settlement but continued to support the struggle with all zeal and enthusiasm. We are confident that our cadre will extend the same support to our organisation for achieving other pending demands.

6. Our affiliates are requested to take all necessary steps to ensure that the benefits under the 3 circulars of IBA namely notional service benefit to specialist officers, pension option to the compulsorily retired employees and arrears for 1684 reach to one and all eligible retirees particularly to the families of the deceased retirees without fail.

7. On this occasion, we appeal to collect suitable levy from the members who have received benefits and remit @ Rs. 10/- per member for the total membership as on 31.12.2017 to AIBRF by 31.07.2018. as per the decision taken by office bearers’ meeting held at Vijayawad

Yours Sincerely,



👆 For Information.

Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial services vide its letter no. F.NO.11/5/2001-IR dated 26.02.2018 conveyed to RBI that “As regards update of pension, any change in the manner of calculating pension is likely to result in similar demands in Public Sector Banks and Financial Institutions, most of which are currently experiencing financial difficulties.”

 This letter along with other documents, after being notarized have been filed in Bombay high court by RBI in RBI pensioners UPDATION CASE.

The Secretary Finance is absolutely right when He stated that Banks are in great financial difficulties. Rather 2017-18 is financially worst year for Banks during the last 40 years.
BUT payment of pension and updating of pension has no bearing on the Financial MESS in the Banking Sector.

Pension is not paid from Revenue of the Bank, BUT from PENSION TRUST FUND. This fund is created out of contributions of the employees during their service in the Bank.

Bank holds these funds as trustee and not the owner. Bank has no right over this trust fund. This pension fund is healthy fund and it is more than 2lac crores. The annual interest income is more than 20,000 crores, whereas the annual payment of pension is not more than 7000 crores.


Rather pension fund is being misutilized by banks for purposes other than payment of pension which is a criminal breach of trust.
DFS has refused updating of pension to RBI because it will unstable the Financial position of Banks, but this is not true- a misleading statement. RBI has knowingly and intentionally filed a wrong affidavit which is contempt of Court.

Ministry of Finance, during the current budget session of Parliament enhanced the Gratuity limit fromRs.10lacs to Rs.20lacs. Just doubled.
The gratuity is to be paid by bank from its revenue. It will add to the financial difficulties of the Banks. While enhancing the gratuity limit, DFS did not think that it will adversely affect the revenue of the Banks. Where as It is direct burden on the Bank.

WHY: Because the benefit of enhanced gratuity will also go to Secretary Finance and the staff of G.O.I.

Why the logic as conveyed to RBI is not applicable in this case?

Why these double standards?

State Governments follow the Central Pay commission for salary of their employees. Many of the States are not able to pay salaries to their employees regularly. Pension is not paid for months together. Some of the States have yet not cleared the arears of 6thPay commission.

Yet 7th Pay commission has been implemented from 01.01.2016 without considering how much strain it will put on the finances of the State Governments.

Arears of 6th Pay commission has not been cleared, yet 7th Pay commission has been put on top of it. The states will never be able to clear the Back log.


WHY: Because the benefit of 7th pay commission was to go to the Secretary Finance also along with G.O.I employees. Just double standards of the Ministry.

Another fraud is being committed on the Bank Pensioners by the Ministry. Regulation 35(1) of Pension Regulations 1995 stated:
(In respect of employees who retire between the 1st day of January, 1986 but before the 31st day of October,1987, basic pension and additional pension will be updated as per the formula given in appendix-I).

This has been amended in 2002 by Gazette notification. The period of 01.01.1986 to 31.10. 1987 has been replaced by term (where ever applicable).

Now what is -where ever applicable?

On enquiry under RTI as to who have been given benefit of updating of pension under the amended Regulation. Bank reported that all those who qualified have been given this benefit of updating. Bank has no record, whose pension was updated in the last 16 years under the amended regulation.

Now what are the qualifications for updating of pension?

 The word qualification is not defined anywhere in Regulations. Yet the bank gives the definition of QUALIFICATION by quoting section 2 from annexure-I of Pension regulation 1995 which pertains to updating of pension for those who retired between 1.1.1986 to31.10.1987. This deals with additional pension on special allowances only.


No employee has got benefit of updating of pension under the amended regulation WHERE EVER APPLICABLE. It is 16 years since this amendment was introduced.

Why this amendment when benefit was not to be given? 
Only to fool the employees of Banks.

You are requested to circulate this information in the public and media so that every one knows the FRAUD being perpetuated on the Banking Sector employees by the Ministry of Finance.
M.S.Sidhu   Mobile : 9876101509

Saturday, May 5, 2018

How To File Income Tax Return

How to file Income Tax Returns ( ITR )?

The deadline to file IT returns for FY 2017-18 is on July 31, 2018. E-filing is super easy & It takes only 5-7 minutes.

Filing your income tax return is not as difficult as it may sound. Here is a step by step guide to e-file your income tax return. It is simple, easy and quick

Before we get started, you should have the following documents at hand to pace up the process:

List of Required Documents for e-filing of tax returns

It is always good to stay a step ahead, especially when it comes to tax filing. The checklist provided below will help you to get started with the e-filing of tax returns.

General details:

Bank account details
PAN Number
Reporting salary income:

Rent receipts for claiming HRA
Form 16
Pay slips
Reporting House Property income:

Address of the house property
Details of the co-owners including their share in the mentioned property and PAN details
Certificate for home loan interest
Date when the construction was completed, in case under construction property was purchased
Name of the tenant and the rental income, in case the property is rented
Reporting capital gains:

Stock trading statement is required along with purchase details if there are capital gains from selling the shares
In case a house or property is sold, you must sought sale price, purchase price, details of registration and capital gain details
Details of mutual fund statement, sale and purchase of equity funds, debt funds, ELSS and SIPs
Reporting other income:

The income from interest is reported. In case of interest accumulated in savings account, bank account statements are required
Interest income from tax saving bonds and corporate bonds must be reported
The income details earned from post office deposit must be reported
STEP 1. Register yourself

To e-file your income tax return, you will have you register on the Income Tax Department’s online tax filing site ( You have to provide your permanent account number (PAN), name and date of birth and choose a password. Your PAN will be your user ID.

STEP 2. Choose how you want to e-file
There are two ways of e-filing your income tax return. One is to go to the download section and select the requisite form, save it on your desktop and fill all the details offline and then upload it back on the site. Or you can choose to fill the form online by selecting the quick e-file option.

STEP 3. Select the requisite form

ITR-1: For individuals earning a salary, pension, or income from property or sources other than lottery.
ITR-2: For those earning capital gains. ITR 2A for those owning more than one house but no capital gains.
ITR 3, 4 and 4S: Professionals and business owners.

STEP 4. Keep the documents ready

Keep your PAN, Form 16, interest statements, TDS certificates, details of investments, insurance and home loans handy. Download Form 26AS, which summarises tax paid against your PAN. You can then validate your tax return with Form 26AS to check your tax liability.

If you earn more than Rs 50 lakh, from this year you will have to fill an additional column —”AL” or assets and liabilities. You will have to disclose the value of your assets and liabilities. Assets have to be declared at cost.

STEP 5. Fill form and upload

If you choose to fill the form offline, after you have downloaded the form and filled all the details, click on ‘generate XML’. Then go to the website again and click on the ‘upload XML’ button. You will have to first log in to upload the XML file saved on desktop and click on submit.

STEP 6. Verify ITR V

On submitting your ITR form, an acknowledgement number is generated. In case the return is submitted using digital signature, you just have to preserve this number. If the return is submitted without a digital signature, an ITR-V is generated and is sent to your registered email ID.

The tax filing process is incomplete and ITR is invalid unless your ITR V is verified. You can electronically verify or mail the signed ITR V to the processing centre.

Outcome of Today's Meeting On Wage Hike

Message from UFBU :

 In talks today IBA made a meager offer of 2%  increase and hence it was rejected by ufbu. Hold massive demonstrations on 9th May throughout the country. Get ready for 2 days strike by month end. Chv AIBEA

Message from AIUBEA :

The approach of the IBA  in the 11th  Bipartite negotiation on 5th May had very seriously damaged  the pride of bank employees. Such approach of IBA is  arising out of goverement's direction and it's attitude towards bank employees.

The IBA's  shameless offer of 2% increase in Payslip components is nothing but adding salt to the wounds. The goverement that was issuing direction after direction through its DFS finance ministry to Banks to conclude the Bipartite settlement before it's expiry  is now  silent over the IBA's ridiculing offer.

This   would not have been possible  from IBA without the blessings of the government.

So for  the Bank employees who worked for the nation by implementing the demontisation excercise, covered so many people under Goverement's Bhima schemes, opened accounts to make Jan dhan Yojana successful gave mudra loans to promote self-employment scheme of the government, worked and collected taxes on Sundays and  holidays and issued Aadhaar card and ceeding the same this treatment of IBA and government is  nothing but an   insult to the Bankmen of the country.

The time has come to teach all those including the goverement to show and get what we rightfully deserve.

So prepare and March on to  2 days strike of UFBU in the month end.

Hold meeting at all levels and explain the situation to the employees to prepare for massive strike action.

Let us show those as to what we are made of. Our determination, courage, conviction and unity will  make our struggle more successful.  Move on to revolutionary strike and make it a thundering one. 

Regards. N. Shankar

SATURDAY, 5 th May, 2018
======================  *XI  th BIPARTITE STTLEMENT TALKS*

Today at IBA office at Churchgate talks regarding XI th Bipartite Settlement were held between IBA Negotiation Team and BKSM.

On behalf of IBA following Officials were present :
1. Mr. R. K.Thakkar, IBA Chairman & Chairman UCO Bank.
2. Mr. Jayakumar, Chairman BOB
3. Mr. Rajkiran Rai, Chairman Union Bank
4. Mr. Kannan, CEO of IBA.
       and other executives.

Details of discussion :
1. About *'Medical Insurance* Scheme', various options were discussed at length. Discussion remained inconclusive. It was decided to have separate meeting on this issue.
2. Discussion on  Variable Pay remained inconclusive. We opposed the notion of *Variable Pay.*
3. IBA made it clear that talks will be held for upto Officer Scale III. Because of fractured mandate received from Banks.
4. Initial Offer for *Salary Revision* :
IBA said,"Due to deteriorating financial condition of Banks revealed by recent quarterly results and also  disappointing results are expected for forthcoming quarters." IBA made initial offer of *2 % hike in Pay Slip.*
We protested and refused the paltry offer. IBA asked about our expectations. We told them to go by 'Charter of Demands' , which states our expectations. We asked IBA to stop wasting time by making such offer which is mockery.

There was no  conclusion on any issue.

Let us hope for better during next round.

Thanking you,

 General Secretary

Gearup for long battle ahead.........

"In talks today IBA made a meager offer of 2%  increase and hence it was rejected by UFBU.

Hold massive demonstrations on 9th May throughout the country. Demonstration can be held either at Lunch time or after office hours.

Get ready for 2 days strike by month end.
Dates of Strike shall be informed after issue of Strike Notice served along with other forms of agitation prior to Strike"

Dilip Saha, General Secretary, AIPNBOA

Friday, May 4, 2018

Talk on Wage Revision And Other Issues

Circular No.2018/15 dated                   2nd May, 2018
The Finance Ministry invited us for a discussion based on the memorandum we had submitted to Department of Financial Services and RBI.  The meeting took place at the Office of Mr. Ravi Mittal, Additional Secretary Finance. Mr. Amit Agarwal, Joint Secretary, DFS also joined.

Discussions were held on the following issues:

1. Wage Revision:
The talks have resumed but the issue of Mandate and Quantum has to be settled.  Lady Officer’s issues were to be taken care.

The response was positive.  The addl. Secretary said “Your arguments are well taken.  We will see what best can be done”

2. Appointment of Officer  Director / Employee Director:
The response was that steps have been taken.

3. Implementation of the recommendation of Parliament Standing Committee on NPA:
The response was that the Standing Committee is going to come up with fresh recommendations soon.

4. Levy for Tax on Net Profit:
The response was that it will be explored with the concerned ministries.

5. Tax on CRR:
The response was that it is an issue RBI has to decide.

6. Reimbursement of Expenditure on Govt Schemes:
No response

7. Cross Selling:
The response was very positive.  The officials are also of the opinion that the income should be credited to the Banks commission account.

8. Review of RBI Policies; PCA, NCLT etc:
Now no proposal for Bad Bank.  The issues are to be taken up with RBI.

9. Service Tax on Banks for on Services Charges waived:
The response was that efforts are on to solve the issue.

10. Superannuation Benefits:
We have submitted detailed memorandum related to various issues concerning superannuation benefits.

11. General
The Banking Sector may take another two years to get rid of the problems.  Image of the Banking system has to be restored by all of us together.

Comrades, this is the first time we were invited for an official discussion.  The discussions were positive.  The dialogue should continue.

Comradely yours,

Encl: Copy of the letter submitted to DFS today.
Text of letter No.AIBOC/2018/28 dated 01.05.2018

The Additional Secretary,
Department of Financial Services
Govt of India

Dear Sir,

Issues affecting Banking Sector

Thank you very much for inviting us for a discussion.  We thank the Ministry for the following:

1. The IBA has called us for the Wage Negotiation on 5th May 2018 after our meeting with the Secretary, DFS on 21.03.2018.
2. The implementation of Ind As has been deferred by one year giving small relief to Banks.
3. RBI has reduced the provision for accounts transferred to NCLT by 40% instead of 50%.
4. The provision for Investment Fluctuation has been allowed to be spread for 4 quarters instead of one.
However the following issues remain and we request your urgent intervention.

 Wage Revision: The issue of restricted mandate has not been settled yet.  SBI, PNB, UBI, Indian Bank, CBI and BOB have given restricted mandate.  This requires your personal intervention.
There is widespread disenchantment with the salary structure.  Recently Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana Govts. have given a good salary hike.  Hence, we request your intervention for a decent wage hike without looking at the Net Profit as Banks are instrumental in implementing the Govt. schemes without any compensation.   Moreover, in the last 3 years Banks have written off Rs. 2,41,000 Crores and our Wage Revision cost will be negligible in comparison.  Without employee satisfaction the Banks can’t grow.

The starting basic of an officer in Govt is Rs.56100/-
The starting basic of an officer in RBI is Rs.35150 /-
The starting basic of an officer in LIC is Rs.33745/-
The starting basic of an officer in Bank is Rs.23700/-

Basic Pay is crucial for everything including superannuation.  Hence we request that it should be similar to that of the Central Govt. Officers as presented by the Pillai Committee.

Our other demands are:

i) Five Day Week
ii) Regulated Working Hours
iii) Child care leave for ladies with salary
iv) Crèche facility
v) Assured Pension etc.
[Copy of Charter of Demands & Further Notes submitted to IBA enclosed]

 Appointment of Officer Director / Employee Director
At present no Public Sector Bank has an Officer Director or Employee Director.
 Implementation of the Recommendation of the Parliament Standing Committee on NPA.
If the recommendations are implemented the entire Banking Industry can be saved.  (Copy of the Report enclosed)
 Please don’t levy tax on Gross Profit.  The tax should be on net profit.
 RBI should provide interest on CRR which at present is almost one lakh crores.  This will help the Banks.
 Reimburse Expenditure on Govt Schemes.
The expenditure on Jandhan, Pension Yojana and other Govt Schemes if reimbursed will help the Banks.
 Stop Cross Selling
In the name of Universal Banking we have allowed Banks to sell insurance, Mutual Funds & other products. The huge incentive has lead to misselling.  Please intervene. (Note Enclosed)
 Review PCA
The 11 banks under PCA have not improved their performance.  Hence a review is needed.
 Review IBC & NCLT
Both have created lot of problems. They are not helping Banks but benefit the defaulters and new purchasers of the companies.  Urgent steps are needed.

Yours faithfully,

D.T. Franco
General Secretary
Encl: As Above & Beyond

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Next Date For Wage Negotiation

Indian Banks' Association
April 26, 2018
Shri Sanjeev K Bandlish
United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) &
General Secretary
National Confederation of Bank Employees C/o State Bank of India, LHO
Plot No.l, Sector-17A
Chandigarh- 160 017
Dear Sir,
Wage Negotiation: Negotiating Committee Meeting with Unions/ Associations
It has been decided in consultation with the Chairman, Negotiating Committee of IBA, to hold  next meeting of Negotiating Committee of IBA with the representatives of Constituent Workmen Unions/ Officers' Associations of United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) on Saturday, 5th May 2018 at 11:00 am in the Committee Room of IBA Stadium House Block Il & Ill 6th Floor, 81-83: V.N. Road,   Mumbai - 400 020.
2. You are, therefore, requested to please convey suitably to the General Secretaries of Constituent Workmen Unions/ Officers' Associations of UFBU to make it convenient to attend the meeting by their authorized representative (s) as under:
Sr. No. Name of the Union/Association No. of Re resentative s
1. All India Bank Em 10 ees• Association AIBEA 2
2. National Confederation of Bank Em 10 ees CBE 2
3. Bank Em 10 ees' Federation of India BEFI 1
4. Indian National Bank Em 10 ees' Federation INBEF 1
5. National Or anisation of Bank Workers 0B 1
6. All India Bank Officers' Confederation AIBOC 2
7. All India Bank Officers' Association AIBOA 1
8. Indian National Bank Officers' Con ess INBOC 1
9. National Or anisation of Bank Officers OBO 1
3. Kindly confirm participation with details of the participants.
Yours faithfully,

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